Monday, November 06, 2006

Sleeping beauties

Looks like we are all working very hard indeed. But what better than a cat-nap to compensate for late nights, and all too early mornings?

Noorbhai, the camera attendant has handed over his duties to Raees.

Anjibabu, the make-up man, asleep for the day.

"Rhea", played by my neice Anushka, has finished shooting for the day, but must wait for all of us to pack-up to go back to the hotel.

farrukhfarrukh said...

Hi Batul,

Found you at Caferati. Nice blog. And pictures.

What's the movie about, may I ask?


11:00 AM

surabhi said...

thrilled to see that you visited my blog!
looking forward to your film...

7:50 PM

Jyothi Kapur Das said...

When will i do this....? I am so happy that YOU have! :)

12:29 AM

JohnJohn said...

Hi Batul,

Thank god I discovered your blog. I can learn a lot about the fascinating world of film-making.

Keep writing!


10:38 AM

BatulBatul said...

Dear John,

Thanks. Wish my world was more fascinating. ie. I was making more films. But one day soon. I'm loving your blog too.


1:13 PM

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